ICam4D Foundations

This hands-on course is especially designed for clinicians, assistants, and technicians who will be handling their new revolutionary ICam4Ds! Learn the principles and advantages of utilizing the technology of photogrammetry in the restoration of full-arch fixed implant cases.
Imetric 4D is offering this course to select participants free of charge as a token of customer appreciation.

This course will help those who are implementing this new technology into their practice OR are currently restoring implant cases with photogrammetry and would like to improve their workflows

• Hands-on: Take a case from implant placement, to scanning with ICam4D, to digital design, and a temporary restoration.

• Understand and be able to integrate the entire clinical process from data acquisition, to alignment (or sending to lab), to printing or milling of temporary and final prostheses.

• Understand the fundamental principles of the full-arch analog restorative process and be able to compare it to a fully digital workflow.

• Learn the advantages of efficiency, accuracy, and repeatability of the digital workflow.

• Learn how to set up a project in the native software and scan with the ICam4D.

• Learn how to send data to a dental lab competent in photogrammetry.

• Understand what data is clinically needed and the recommended methods of acquisition.

• Understand how to fluidly align implant position to soft tissue STL’s and to teeth models.

• Understand how to import ICam4D data into design software such as Exocad or 3Shape.

• Learn how to integrate facial scanning into the restorative process.

This program is half live-lecture and half self-participation, designated for 8 hours of CE credit by
Transcend Dental Education under AGD Code: Implants 690 and sponsored by Imetric 4D.

Friday, September 30: 8am to 4pm CST

Transcend Dental Education | 4949 Century St NW Huntsville, AL 35816

Presented By: Drs. Benjamin Kellum and Bryan Kariya, founders of Transcend Dental education.